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Bandsaw Department

At Subzero, our highly skilled operatives are experienced in producing to strict customer specifications, which enables us to offer a wide range of bespoke services.

Experienced Bandsaw team

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High-capacity line with the flexibility to take on many different services.

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We’re able to produce all the way down to a 15mm cube.

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Highly skilled team that is conscientious of specification and yield requirements.

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Experienced personnel that can help develop and advise on new products.

Bandsawing Products

7.5kg Laminated Blocks

Block portions | Cubes | Dice | Fingers 

Planks | Tiles | Trapezoids


Fillets & Natural Cuts

Portions | Loins | Tails |Goujons

Supremes | Chunks | Steaks

PS Atlantic Salmon Natural Cut Dice 25-100mm V3 - READY web.jpg
Whitefish Cubes 20mm - 2.jpg
DSC00056 edit 2 - 2.jpg
PS Atlantic Salmon Traps 15gm new contrast - READY web_edited.jpg

We can produce a variety of other bespoke products.

Please contact us if you have a particular enquiry. Contact Us

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