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Our Bandsaw department is one of the busiest in the UK.


Our highly skilled operatives enable Subzero to offer a full range of cutting services to customer specification, which often includes cutting to tight weight and dimensional specifications.

Highly trained bandsaw team

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We have a high capacity with a significant degree of flexibility

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We have a highly trained band saw team with skilled saw operatives

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We can cut right down to 15mm cube due to our high skill levels

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Clever use of production process’s & block handling gives us great flexibility to maximise throughput to the pressing lines


Bandsawing Products

7.5kg Laminated Blocks

  • Portions

  • Fingers

  • Trapezoids

  • Dice/Cubes



  • Portions / Tails / Loins

  • Goujons

  • Supremes

  • Steaks


We produce many other products so please contact us if you have a particular enquiry.

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