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China Alternative

Unique Shape Pressing facility making us a genuine UK Alternative to China 

Our Own Developed Premium Bespoke Pressing Line

Unique and designed by ourselves from working and listening to our customers requirements our new shaped portion press gives you the shapes and weights you desire with the yields you deserve

This line offers greater flexibility, fast turnaround and a pressed shape as close to the Chinese Tight Fit moulded portions you can find anywhere in the UK.

subshape subzero.png

Pressing Line

Bringing China to your doorstep

Bespoke System

Using our bespoke designed Pressing System, which we can guarantee is unmatched in the UK, we can take any project from idea through to production with one simple aim across the entire project – High quality products delivered efficiently with reduced wastage and more profit for our customers.

China Alternative

We offer a real alternative to all the problems of ordering from China, Committed Volumes, Short Shipment, Delays on the Seas, Letters of Credit and Upfront Payments. Quick product turnaround for our customers promotions e.g. BOGOF, where fast response is often needed.

Produced In The UK



With a much improved  carbon footprint which most of our customers now require.

Our Process Flow

Raw Material

Plate Freezing



Block RM Supply

Sales of Blocks

Sales of band sawn products, ready mealers, diced, portions etc

Bricks produced for pressed products 


Pressed Sales

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