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Our Business

We are a UK based Primary Processor of fresh and frozen fish producing pressed blocks, band sawn pieces, cubes and bricks, and also using our own designed SubShape pewer press, a very wide range of pressed and formed shapes for coating and ready meals.

Our customers are secondary processors supplying the retail, food service and ready meal markets and we pride ourselves on the high quality of our factory - BRC AA grade approved - and the technical skills of our staff which allied to the many years of expertise of our directors gives us an edge to providing our customers with good products and high yields.


Service Only or Full Supply

Whilst we are more than happy to provide a full Service option to many of our customers we also have an in house team of buyers and can source fish from a range of worldwide suppliers to meet specific specifications when required.

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Our Subshape Press is unique in its ability to provide bespoke shaping as our tooling costs can be as low as 10% of our competitors and this gives us greater control of weight and hence yields.


At a time when good fish is often hard to buy at the right price, and retailers are seeking ever more competitive prices, our ability to produce accurate portion sizes within tolerances of less than 5% is a valuable business tool for our customers.

Efficient Processing

We like to keep our business simple and concentrate on the things we are good at. Plate Freezing, Band Sawing and Pressing and our factory is designed to handle this work flow to maximise efficiency with management systems that enable our technical staff to manage workflow and yields with full traceability.

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