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Our Business

Subzero Fish is a British-based frozen fish processor that has deep roots within the historic fishing industry in Grimsby, UK, and the wider British fishing culture. We’re proud to have built a reputation both home and abroad for providing our customers with products and services that are synonymous with quality and sustainability.

Our processes, products, and services are all geared towards providing tailor-made solutions for our clients in their respective markets, which include major retailers, the foodservice industry, and the ready-meal sector.

Using our unique manufacturing processes, we specialise in producing bespoke formed portions and customised band sawn products. We also offer a wide range of services including repacking, vacuum packing, block stripping, metal detection and many more. We've provided many unique services to our customers over the years, and our facilities allow us to handle a broad range of tasks. Please contact us if you require a service that requires a bespoke process.

Unrivaled Consistency & Quality

Our core mission at Subzero is to continue providing competitively priced products and services of unrivalled consistency and quality. We are committed to providing a customer-focused service and experience that exceeds our customers’ expectations. 

Full Supply or Service Only

Using our global networks, our purchasing team has extensive experience sourcing and supplying sustainable seafood of exceptional quality.

Alternatively, we can provide a service option utilising your raw materials to create outstanding end products that meet your desired specifications.

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Our distinctively built pressing facilities enable us to design and produce bespoke portions under SubShape that uniquely allow us to provide tight control over weight tolerance as well as excellent yield output.

Our ability to supply cost-effective products with outstanding accuracy and consistency is incredibly valuable to our customers in a market where it is often difficult to source appropriate products at a competitive price.

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