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More profitable and 
superior quality pressed shapes


Pressing System

Using our bespoke designed Pressing System, which we can guarantee is unmatched in the UK, we can take any project from idea through to production with one simple aim across the entire project. 

High quality products delivered efficiently with reduced wastage and more profit for our customers.

A Real China


We offer a real alternative to all the problems of ordering from China, Committed Volumes, Short Shipment, Delays on the Seas, Letters of Credit and Upfront Payments. 

Quick product turnaround for our customers promotions e.g. BOGOF, where fast response is often needed.

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Produced in the UK

Giving you more control & more profit. With a much improved carbon footprint which most of our customers now require.

Full design service & low cost tooling


Our in house design 
service can take your idea 
for any size or shape into 
production tooling in as 
little as 7 days!


With our process the days of 
expensive tooling are over.
We can produce your 
bespoke tooling for as little as 
£5k making new shape trials 
and new product short runs 
more feasible.


The shapes you want 
at the sizes you need. 
All with a greater 
weight accuracy and 
Quality Control.

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Bespoke Shapes

& Value Maximisation

Our in house design team, can produce your own bespoke shape and size created to your specific shape, weight, dimension and volume.

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If you would like to talk to our team about our shape design and pressing line then please get in touch now

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