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Bespoke Shape Forming System

Pressing System

Working alongside our partners, we designed a unique production line that we believe is the only one of its kind in the UK.


This process allows us to create bespoke-shaped portions with narrow weight tolerances while maintaining highly favourable yields.

Bespoke Shapes &
Value Maximisation

Our in-house team can advise on and help design customised, high-quality formed portions that meet your specifications for shape, weight, dimension, and detail.


Every product we create is designed to maximise profitability for our customers. 

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Produced in the UK

Being closer to our customers allows for faster turnaround times and gives us the ability to produce orders of varied volumes where our competitors cannot. Help reduce your carbon footprint by sourcing closer to home.

Full design service

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In House Design Team

On site at Subzero our team has access to a state-of-the-art milling machine that allows us to design and create forming moulds rapidly.


This gives us the ability to quickly react to our customers’ needs for immediate sample creation and imminent production runs.

Low Cost Tooling

Our process allows for the production of low-cost tooling sets that create your bespoke portions.


Enabling us to produce new trials and special product runs.

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Accuracy & Quality

The shapes you want at the sizes you require - with fantastic weight accuracy and quality control.

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