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Supplying Ready Meal Manufacturers

Custom product solutions for the ready-meal sector

We offer an incredible range of Seafood products that make the perfect ingredients for ready meals. Whether you require an item from our set product range or a bespoke portion to fit an existing specification, we’re able to create the products that you need. 

Salmon in Sauce

Our NPD Team is ready to assist you in creating exciting new recipes

Seamless Sourcing: Fuelling the Ready-Meal Industry with excellence and consistency.

Subzero is dedicated to making sourcing easier for ready-meal manufacturers. Our nutrient-rich products are unmatched in terms of quality, reliability, and consistency.

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Sourcing Responsibly: Empowering Ready-Meal producers with Sustainable seafood

We’re committed to responsible fishing and sustainable sourcing. Our purchasing and sales team at Subzero has vast experience sourcing sustainable seafood, and our MSC, ASC, and Global Gap accreditations allow us to offer products that are certified as being sourced from sustainable fisheries.

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Seafood Soup

Traceable & Transparent  

At Subzero, our experienced technical team manages a systematic approach to traceability that provides total coverage from boat to box in a timely, efficient, and effective manner. Because of our Sedex Membership, we are able to make our supply chain as transparent as possible.

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Delivering Convenience

Our operation’s flexibility allows us to offer lower minimum order quantities (700kg) with swift turnaround times, whether you supply modest farm shops or giant retailers. If required, our dedicated logistics team is able to arrange the total transport arrangements for your orders, whether that’s to a production facility or an outside storage location.

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