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We are very excited to have moved into our Brand New Factory! There has been a lot of work to do in preparing the factory & offices but now we have moved in we can start to enjoy the benefits along with our customers.


Our new factory gives us a highly efficient production space and cold store, enabling us to continue to grow our business and provide our customers with an even more efficient service.

Committed to Investing in the future

The new fully fitted factory unit is just the start of our investment. We are currently developing significant enhancements to our own designed unique SubShape frozen portions pressing lines so that we can handle even more tonnage and provide even more efficient turnround times whilst maintaining the best of yields.
The Factory incorporates as many of the latest energy saving technologies as possible to achieve an improved carbon footprint as well as ensuring we do as much as we can to support sustainable fishing.

This new facility enables:

Efficient Production Flow

We are able to have all our production in a single open factory with our production and management offices on the same floor. Greater technical supervision and improved staff facilities.

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Greater Cold Store Capacity

A larger better accessed internal cold store allowing better production flow. We now hold 100 tons of white fish blocks at all times ensuring we can guarantee fast turn round and steady supply.

Purpose Built Factory Facilities

Everything has been designed to ensure the smooth flow of raw and finished material in and out of the factory. Designated external wash down and plant areas to ensure the best hygiene standards and best possible equipment maintenance.

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Improved Staff Facilities

Our Staff are important to us at Subzero. We have planned the staff areas, and working areas, using the experiences of the covid pandemic to ensure we provide the safest environment for our staff and our customers.

Reducing Our 

Carbon Footprint

We have installed the very latest technology to both reduce energy use and enhance efficiency.

LED Lighting inside and out


Solar Panels on the roof with full battery storage


Heat pumps and heat exchange systems


Water bore hole to control natural water quality.

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