Plate Freezing

Up to date modern new plate freezing equipment.

New block frames and the best Beck liners and equipment always used.

Ensures we produce quality blocks which then aids efficiency in the cutting and pressing processes.

By making our own blocks we are not wholly dependent on external block suppliers and this ensures we can maintain our customers high quality.

We are pressing blocks for our own stock continually so are always able 
to handle quick turnaround jobs.


  • Production of industry standard 7.5kg laminated fish blocks.


  • Various species and product types are produced at Subzero to include: fillets, pieces, mince & scrapemeat from Salmon, Cod, Haddock and various other whitefish.


  • Our machinery and block frames were all sourced from Beck, the world’s premier supplier of block packaging. Our process incorporates the beck-liner only to ensure the perfect block is produced to perfect dimension, perfect weight with no freezer burn, ice or air pockets.

Please get in touch if you have a particular specie or product type for block production.
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