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Christmas is coming!!

So are a list of potential problems!

Escalating Energy Costs

Continued Delivery Driver Shortages

Staff Shortages Across the Board

Brexit Renegotiations

Rising Fuel Costs & Increasing Inflation

Shipping Delays & Problems at the ports

Throw in a continued Covid Pandemic and Plans A, B or C and it is probably fair to say that preparing for the Festive Season in 2021 has never been more challenging.

Whilst we are not in any way offering to solve every problem we would like you to know that here at Subzero we are as prepared as we can be and we are ready to help if you encounter a problem, unforeseen or anticipated, and need some fish unexpectedly or to keep your customers supplied.

Our Grimsby processing factory has managed to operate at full capacity right through 2020 and 2021 and so far our great team of staff have managed to cope with every problem that has been thrown at them. No matter what has been happening outside of our four walls, we have managed to keep our supply of fish fully stocked and to keep all our customers – old and new – fully supplied.

Our unique Subshape Pressing system has really come into its own during the ongoing pandemic allowing us to press and form portions for coating or ready meals here onshore in the UK and our highly experienced band sawing team have kept cutting and dicing through everything.

If you need a UK based supplier to shorten those retail supply chains or simply have a one of job that you need help with please contact our sales team by phone or email and we will always do our best to help.

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