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It's an ill wind that blows no FISH!

The recent run of serious storms is affecting fish supplies and pushing up prices adding to other problems in times of great uncertainty.

Catch quantities of Cod and Haddock have been affected by the storms with a lot of boats unable to go out due to the weather so fish is not only short but also expensive, and the weather has been so windy that they can’t get to the pens and the cages to get the salmon out meaning Atlantic Salmon is in very short supply and any supply is very expensive.

On a better note we are pleased to see fish containers starting to come out of China and we are expecting to receive our first products landing in June.

Its at times likes this that if fish is not your main business expertise from someone like Subzero becomes even more important .

Here at Subzero we not only cut and shape your fish need for portions and ready meals but we also source and supply the fish and have an in house team of experts who know what to buy from where in times where supply of fish becomes more scarce.

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