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Still unsure what 2022 holds for your business?

At Subzero we are already well aware of the difficulties being experienced by many of our customers due to the uncertainties in the market place and the UK economy.

Retailers are finding the current market place difficult with customer confidence low against a background of rising fish prices and stock shortages, as well as the wider issues of high haulage costs, rising fuel costs and staff shortages all arriving together, is naturally leading to detailed reviews of existing product ranges, weights and even species changes.

This is where Subzero can really help with our bespoke SubShape Pressing Line :

Fast turnaround

Short production runs

Blocks of many species in stock on site

Low cost tooling

Accurate weight & yield control

If you need something new – whether shape, weight or species – why not drop our sales team an email – or give us a ring on 01472 355303

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