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These uncertain times continue. First the Covid Pandemic completely disrupted supply lines from China for over two years and now the War in Ukraine is again having a significant effect on white fish supply lines as restrictions and duties are now applying to Russian fish.

Quite where, and when, this all ends and settles back down to normality none of us know. Here at Subzero we dont even claim to have any clear idea of what normality will be even when it does arrive.

So like everyone else we focus on what we can control and put all our efforts into doing that better where ever we can.

We know that buying the Chinese Tight Fit in consistent quantities and prices will continue to be problematic for some time to come our customers – old and new- are looking at our formed and pressed shapes ever more closely as a commercially viable option. We first set up our unique in house designed pressing line in 2019 to offer a genuine China Alternative and not surprisingly we have been very busy since. If you are not fully aware of what our Pressing line can do:

Accurate weight control

Bespoke Shapes

Genuine 3D formed shapes

Low Cost Tooling

Smaller production runs

Fast turnaround

Better yields

In a nutshell if you need a shaped portion that can be more easily tweaked to give accurate weights to make better use of the more costly fish available then you should have a very close look at our SubShape pressing facility

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