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Time to look for an alternative to China.

With freight costs so high is it time you were seriously looking for an Alternative to China?

Subzero offer a genuine china alternative to the Fish Industry

We all know the pain of the current 500% increase in container shipping costs from China and indeed the increased demand for containers at a time when the shipping companies have more customers than ready containers. What we don’t know, of course, is how long this situation will continue.

What we do know is that importers of bulky goods who simply cant pass the extra cost onto their customers have delayed placing orders but cant do this for too much longer so expect demand, and possibly container shipping costs, to increase as we now run into the seasonal peak period followed by Chinese New Year.

The realistic view from the so called experts is don’t expect any fall in shipping costs or any easing of shipping demand and arrival times until the spring of 2022 at the earliest.

If you cant rely on supplies of product from China and need to spread your buying and like the idea of more supplies produced in the UK then have another look at what we can offer here at Subzero.


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