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  • Ryan Masterson

Who knows what to expect in 2022?

Business has never had such uncertain times and none of us know exactly what to expect in 2022.

Escalating Energy Costs Continued Delivery Driver Shortages Staff Shortages Across the Board Brexit Renegotiations Rising Fuel Costs & Increasing Inflation Shipping Delays & Problems at the ports

Economic Uncertainty

As the Covid Pandemic continues to throw curve balls around the world with continued disruption to the movement of people and goods, 2022 could well be see a further shortening of supply lines as UK and European Retailers strive to keep closer control of products and supply. Rising prices are a certain and this will lead to product ranges narrowing and lines being dropped at short notice. Whilst we are not in any way suggesting we can solve every problem we would like you to know that here at Subzero we are as prepared as we can be and we are ready to help if you encounter a problem, unforeseen or anticipated, and need some fish unexpectedly or to keep your customers supplied with product efficiently produced at sensible prices. Our Grimsby processing factory has managed to operate at full capacity right through 2020 and 2021 and so far our great team of staff have managed to cope with every problem that has been thrown at them. No matter what has been happening outside of our four walls, we have managed to keep our supply of fish fully stocked and to keep all our customers – old and new – fully supplied.

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